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General Terms and Conditions & Show Rules PHCDK

Hosted by the Paint Horse Club Denmark, a passionate community dedicated to celebrating the American Paint Horse, we invite you to join us at the prestigious Det Nationale Hestesportscenter Vilhelmsborg.

Event Overview
• Dates: July 26-28, 2024
• Location: Det Nationale Hestesportscenter Vilhelmsborg, Bedervej 101, 8320 Mårslet
• Contact Us: For inquiries, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event Guidelines
• Rule Book: Following the Official APHA Rule Book for a fair competition.
• Non-Liability: PHCDK and volunteers disclaim liability for loss, damage, or injury.
• Security: Responsibility for securing personal property rests with participants.

Key Dates
• Early Bird Deadline: May 5
• Final Entry Deadline: June 30
• Pattern Release: Start of July

• Judges: Rikke Benjaminsen, Cedric Leroux, Nicolas Perrin, Tanja Hermann-Bratek
• Show Manager: Lena Schou
• Show Secretary: Maybritt Buch
• Announcer: Anders Berndtsson

Show Grounds Information
• Arrival & Departure: From 4 PM, July 25 to after the last class on July 28.
• Smoking Ban: Adherence to Danish common law prohibiting smoking in all public spaces, including stables and arenas.
• Timeliness: Participants are responsible for entering the competition arena on time.
• Warm-Up Arena Tack-Rules: Only equipment that is allowed according to the APHA rule book is permitted.

Arena Practice Times
• July 25: Availability of arenas TBA
• July 26-28:
• Show Arena: Available from 6 AM until 45 minutes before the show begins and after the last class until 11 PM. Closed during the lunch break.
• Warm-Up Arena: Available from 6 AM until 11 PM. No stops, spins, and similar maneuvers in any of the arenas due to the footing. Longing is only allowed in the warm-up arena.

Show Office
• Office Hours: TBA, with availability via WhatsApp outside these hours.
• Payments: Accepting Mobile Pay, bank transfers, and cash. Credit cards are not accepted.
• Membership & Documentation: APHA participants must hold current APHA membership and present appropriate documentation upon request.
• Class Management: Classes with 2 or fewer entries will be canceled after the final entry deadline. Participants will be informed and can move to another class.

Announcement of Placings
• Halter and Rail Classes: In alignment with APHA rule SC-110.I, placings up to the 6th position will be announced for each individual judge.
• Scored Classes: The show reserves the right to only announce combined placings. Participants can check the score sheets to see their individual placings under each judge after the class.

International Danish ChampionI
• Titles: Based on the number of entries in each class. No titles for 1 & 2 starters, International Danish Champion for 3 & 4 starters, additional Reserve Champion for 5 starters, and Bronze Medal for 6 or more starters.
• Calculation: Placings from all four judges will count towards the calculation of International Danish Champion titles.
• In case of a tie: A tie-breaker judge randomly selected for each day will be used.

PHCDK Classes
• Eligibility and Participation: All breeds are allowed.
• Judging Rules: Compliance with the APHA rule book, except even Senior horses can be shown in a snaffle and with two hands.
• Judges: The same judges as used for the APHA classes.
• Payout: 80% of entry fees will be paid back.

Health & Safety Requirements
• Vaccination Requirements: In addition to being disease-free, each horse must be vaccinated against equine influenza. Proof of vaccination must accompany each horse and should be available upon request.
• Drug and Medication Policies: Adherence to APHA drug and medication policies, ensuring a level playing field.
• On-Site Medical Services: Contact the show office during the show regarding the availability of farrier, veterinarian, and first aid services.
• Veterinary Proof: Cancellation due to health reasons must be supported by a valid veterinary declaration. Only entry fees are refundable.

• Bedding: Each stall includes two bags of Easy Strø bedding. No other type of bedding is allowed. Extra bags of bedding can be bought at the show.
• Cleaning Stalls: PHCDK volunteers will clean the stalls after the show. If the participant decides to clean the stall, then the deposit of DKK 300 will be refunded when the clean stall has been inspected.

Camping Area
• Regulations: A valid camping sign must be visible. Connecting to electricity must be done according to guidelines posted at the camping area.
• Rent of Campers: There are rental campers available at Vilhelmsborg on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact Aarhus Camping to book one of the rental campers on site.
• Rooms: There is a limited number of rooms available at Vilhelmsborg for participants to rent. Contact Vilhelmsborg to book a room.

By participating, you agree to be photographed or filmed, contributing to the event's vibrant memories. Only official photographers are permitted to sell images.

Paint Horse Club Denmark (PHCDK) reserves the right to make changes, additions, or corrections to this document at any time. New versions will be published to reflect any modifications. It is the responsibility of the participants to stay informed of the latest version of the participant information guide. By participating in the APHA Horse Show, individuals agree to adhere to the most current version of these terms and conditions.

Current Version: 1.0
Publication Date: 01-04-2024

We look forward to seeing you at Vilhelmsborg to celebrate the American Paint Horse!

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